by Undone

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Recorded in January 2017 at Fängelset in Gothenburg, Sweden


released February 11, 2017

Recorded by Anton Hedlund
Mixed and mastered by Scott Rockingham
Illustrations by Love Thübeck
Logo by Per Palmqvist



all rights reserved


Undone Gothenburg, Sweden

Björn – Vocals
Edvin – Guitar
Gabriel – Guitar
Gustaf – Bass
John – Drums

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Track Name: Struggle to Get Ahead
things don't come easy
struggle to get ahead
can’t stop now
won’t give up

keeping the despair deep inside
if I ever give up I'll never survive

staying on my feet
no matter how hard it hits
if you want to try me you better not miss

I'll never let go of any of this
never cease, never desist
Track Name: Waste of Time
always someone else’s fault
it's never on you
try your best to spread your misery

it's like a competition – who has it worse?
you look to everyone else to find the solution

a mindset of giving up – I just can’t relate
you never contribute, never try to create

it's like you gave up before even trying
waiting for a handout
I'm not fucking helping

this is where I draw the line
they're your problems, they're not mine
either way I'll be fine
you are just a waste of time
Track Name: Played
talk about life like it's just a game
play for the money
play for the fame

if your life is winning I'd rather be dead
put it all on the table
take a bullet to the head

when all bets are off
and all deals have been made
there's nothing more to it
we all have been played

there is no winning
we'll never be done
I'm playing for nothing
just want to ruin your fun

nothing to do
forced to go all in
no matter what – the house will win
Track Name: False Smiles
pretend to be something you’re not
who the fuck are you?
no one knows
you are not yourself
living a lie
another day, another false smile

can’t trust anyone to be themselves
can’t know what's wrong, what's right
reality – I'm not sure anymore
when the truth is out things can never be like before